Waterless Car Washing

One of the most recent product innovations to emerge out of the car cleaning & detailing industry is the waterless car wash. The idea behind these products is that they can replace traditional car shampoo products and make the car washing process as a whole much quicker, easier and less labor intensive, whilst still giving as good a finish as a traditional shampoo product. Waterless car wash products work by using advanced surfactants, emulsifiers and lubricants to effectively encapsulate the dirt particles and hold then away from the surface ready to then be removed with either a wash implement or microfiber towel.There are generally two different types of waterless wash products; those that are sprayed directly onto the vehicle from a bottle then removed and buffed over with a micro fiber towel, and those that are added to a bucket of water and then applied to the vehicle with a sponge or mitt, much like the traditional car washing process, before being removed and buffed over with a microfiber towel.

Obviously, both of these types of products do actually contain or require water and so really these products are not actually ‘waterless’ in themselves. The term waterless fundamentally refers to the fact that no rinsing is required when using them – both before and after the washing.

There is some controversy surrounding waterless car wash products as many people believe that no matter how advanced the ingredients are, the fact that you are still in essence rubbing the dirt into the surface of the paintwork will undoubtedly result in swirl marks and scratches being inflicted. Others however, regularly use these products on their cars and report no damage whatsoever being inflicted even after prolonged use and after a thorough inspection in direct sunlight or under an suitable lamp.

Waterless Car Wash
Realistically, waterless wash products can offer advantages when used properly but there is also potential draw backs too. For example, if you take your vehicle to car shows and events then they can provide an ideal way to give your car a final clean before it is exhibited. If you live in an apartment or flat where access to outside water is not possible or if you live in an area that has restrictions on water usage then waterless car wash products can again offer an ideal solution to these problems. Finally, if you simply want to reduce the amount of time it takes to wash your car and remove the level of involvement of both products and equipment then they can be a very attractive option.

The main disadvantage these products face is that if you have a very heavy soiled vehicle with caked on mud and thick layers of dried on road grime for example then they simply will not be capable of removing the dirt in a safe and effective manner. A pressurized jet of water, whether from a hosepipe or pressure washer is simply a necessity for vehicles in this condition and there is no getting around this.

For larger and oversized vehicles like some SUV’s, trucks and RV’s it is simply not practical nor does it make economic sense to clean them with a waterless wash product as they will require a great deal of product to sufficiently cover the entire vehicle, as opposed to a small measure of a traditional dilutable shampoo product and again pressurized water, which would be preferable to clean such vehicles with.

Generally, waterless car wash products are safe to use and can be very effective when used on vehicles that initially have had a thorough clean and detail, and that are not too dirty, for maintaining them on a regular basis. If paintwork has been thoroughly decontaminated, polished and protected, wheels have also been thoroughly decontaminated and sealed and plastics and trim cleaned and dressed, then a waterless wash product can be used to maintain the exterior on a weekly basis as long as it has not accumulated any heavy levels of dirt, in order to restore your vehicles exterior and bring it back to a freshly detailed looking standard.

Waterless Car Cleaning

If you leave your car uncleaned for any longer than a week and want to use a waterless car wash to clean it then you run the risk of both inflicting surface damage – contrary to what the manufacturers of these products state, and even if no damage was inflicted, the finish and standard of clean would be compromised as it may well struggle to lift off the built up dirt properly and may leave smears and areas of stubborn dirt behind – especially if the vehicles surfaces are unprotected.

The best thing to do when considering using a waterless car wash product is to simply use your common sense. If your car is excessively soiled with high amounts of ingrained dirt and contaminants then it will most likely require plenty of water to safely and effectively remove it. However, if your car is well looked after and only ever sees light levels of dirt and contaminants then these products can be used without any trouble.

Overall, waterless car washing products, when used correctly and in the right circumstances, can offer a viable and attractive alternative to washing your car with a traditional car shampoo product. They can save you time, save you money on other products and equipment that is not required, and can give you just as good results as a traditional shampoo product or any other car washing product can.

The Importance Of Micro Fiber Towels

Such an important part of keeping your paint in tip top shape. They are available in pretty much every store. Unfortunately not all Micro Fiber Towels are the same. It is very important to be aware about the quality of your towels. Especially the once that you use on the paint. While I haven’t tried every towel out there, I feel comfortable in saying, that if you purchase from an online vendor, you will get quality towels. However if you go to your local store to pick some up, you have to be very careful. If you must, by all means get some towels, but be very careful wiping your paint with them. You do not want to scratch the paint.As always, the marring will be more noticeable on darker color cars, but you can mess up the paint just as easy, even if the paint is white. Imperfections, such as swirls, scratches happen only when you physically  touch the paint. That is, when you wash your car, when you dry your car and in between washes, like when you try to wipe dust off of the surface. Wiping off wax or sealants is another time where you are in contact with the paint. It is crucial that you take great care of your paint otherwise you will end up with a paint that will not look up to par. I know of many cases, where someone would spend a whole weekend detailing their car only to realize that after polishing the paint for hours, they marred it, because the towels came from the local store and ended up inducing light swirling. Don’t make the same mistake, order quality detailing towels. I don’t mean to suggest to spend a fortune on detailing towels, but there is a nice medium between $16.00 for 30 some yellow towels vs $10.00 a towel. You want to make sure that the towels are 70%/30% and not 80%/20%. The latter is fine for interior work or for your wheels, windows, door jambs etc.. But try not to use them on painted surfaces. They “can” scratch.

Once you used the towels, you need to make sure to care for them the proper way. Always wash your Micro Fiber Towels that are for paint only, separately. Never contaminate them with dirty towels that you use on your interior or on your engine, wheels etc…
Until very recently, I used regular laundry detergents without any fabric softener. They worked fine, but  looking back now, I don’t think that they did a very good job. I mean they looked clean but somehow, the towels weren’t completely free of those polishes and waxes. However, now that I use a dedicated cleaner for Micro Fiber Towels, my towels are back to “like new” every time I wash them. They are also fluffier and softer. The towels also work better.  I am so happy that I gave Towel Kleen a try.

Here is the product that will really clean your detailing towels.
Thomas Dekany

Waterless car wash: Meguiar’s Wash & Wax Anywhere

Waterless car wash

Waterless cleaners are the easiest and most efficient way to clean your car’s bodywork. We pick the best from 12 big-sellers
Just because you’re affected by a hosepipe ban, it doesn’t mean you have to pay a valeter to keep your car looking good, or even resort to buckets. There are plenty of waterless cleaners around.Just spray on, lift off the grime with a microfibre cloth, then buff to a shine with another. Quick and easy, waterless cleaners make messing about with buckets, sponges and a chamois leather look like hard work. And many solutions leave a water-repellent finish to slow the grime build-up and prolong that glossy look.

Our test will help you decide which is the one to help you cope with a hosepipe ban: we sprayed on a dozen to find out.
How we tested them
We tried our dirty dozen waterless car washes on paint and glass contaminated with varying levels of grime, using the minimum amount of spray and very limited wiping.
As you will be doing a lot of spraying, we also checked the performance of the nozzle, looking for a wide, fine mist. Finally, we assessed exactly what you get for your money – excluding any delivery charges.


It was clear that the cleaning results would be very close. So, because the products themselves are similar, the final ranking came down to price and how the packs worked. The wiper DuduiT Waterless Car Wash starred on paintwork, so scores a narrow victory. Another US import, from Meguiar’s, just takes second thanks to a good performance on all surfaces. Final podium place goes to WOW, which comes with the cloths you need.
1. DuduiT Waterless Car Wash
2. Meguiar’s Wash & Wax Anywhere
3. WOW Motor Box Kit

Car detailing

After writing about green car detailing last week, I contacted Eco Touch about their Waterless Car Wash.  I was looking to find green, eco friendly ways to keep the cars clean that would perform as well as my traditional products.
Initially, their products looked good.  Eco Touch is very open about their products and what they contain which makes it easier to ensure that they are not a company guilty of “greenwashing.”  Their Waterless Car Wash is a plant-derived formula that is biodegradable and comes in a 100% recyclable bottle.  I was really impressed to see that they listed the ingredients in their formula AND for their plastic bottle.  It’s nice to see a company that’s honest about their product and not just trying to capitalize off of people’s conscience.  This was precisely why I contacted them to try out their product.  I’ve seen too many companies claim to be green without providing actual proof.  Luckily, Eco Touch was kind enough to provide me with the Waterless Car Wash and some microfiber towels.  I was really hoping for some interior cleaner too, but hey, bloggers can’t be choosers right?
The contents of our lovely package
On to the dirty details (pun intended).  I hadn’t washed the BMW for about three weeks.  I’m such a slacker.  After our trip through the West Virginia mountains, she was due for a good wash:
Now I followed their directions to the letter…

1. Shake bottle well.

2. Spray on a microfiber towel and cool car surface.

3. Gently wipe and lift to pick up grime.

4. Quickly use a second dry towel and buff to shine.

Common sense caution. For excessively soiled surfaces (mud or sand) pre-rinse first with water.

Well all but the cool car surface bit.  Since I was unable to get the car’s surface temperature down I did smaller sections of the car at a time to limit the amount of cleaner that was lost due to evaporation.  Eco Touch does recommend using a wet sponge to cool down the surface but this wasn’t an option for me.  Doing smaller sections at a time seemed to work quite well.  Most of the spots of dirt, grime and road dust seemed to wash right off.  There were some nasty bug and tar bits along the front grill and by the wheel wells that required a couple of passes and some elbow grease to remove.  It was a little more work then I really wanted to do but, then again, in this heat, that’s not much of a surprise.  Ah, the price I pay for vanity and preserving the car I love.  As I watched the dirt and grime jump off of the car and onto the micro-fiber cloth, I figured I would try the car wash on my rims too.  Now the BMW’s rims are notoriously easy to clean.  They take a little soap and water and they shine as if it just rolled off of the lot.  And the car wash did not disappoint.  The rims were shiny again.  Now I suspect that it won’t work so well for the white rims of the MINI so, I might have to try out Eco Touch’s Cleaner/Degreaser made just for stubborn rims some day.  All told, it took me about 25 minutes to do the entire exterior of the car and about 1/3 of the 24 oz bottle they sent me.  They also sell it by the gallon for $45 which comes out to a savings of a little over $4 per bottle as opposed to buying it 24 oz at a time.   But, enough talking, I’ll let the pictures speak for themselves:
My overall impression?  I am a big fan of this waterless wash.  While I’d still recommend doing a hand wash once every 6 months, there’s no reason not to use this product as your normal cleaner of choice.  It gets the job done in little to no time and it does it well.  My car was left gleaming, free of any grime and ready to be driven.  Plus, I can foresee this as an invaluable cleaner come winter time since, no one wants to hand wash a car in 20 degree weather.  I have to say, I was pretty skeptical but, I will definitely be investing in the 1 gallon bottle of the cleaner.
I would definitely recommend that you check this product out.  Start with the 24 oz bottle and if you love it as much as I do, buy the 1 gallon bottle and refill your bottle.  This is the green detailing solution I was searching for.  I have to check out the rest of their line, but if they’re as good as the waterless wash, they’ll have a customer for life.

Pros and Cons of the Waterless Car Wash

WaterlessWaterSmartWaterSmart, a company in Austin, Tex., markets coconut-based soap for washing cars.

As large parts of the American West continue to experience drought, waterless car washes have been catching on. A new company in Austin, Tex., called WaterSmart, for example, washes cars with a coconut-based soap, according to an article in The Austin American Statesman.

The soap, made in various formulas under a brand called Freedom, for whichWaterSmart is the local distributor, is biodegradable, the proprietors say.

“The biggest thing we’re up against is the human brain, which says, ‘That doesn’t make sense,’” said Sarah Morgan, who runs WaterSmart along with her husband, according to the newspaper.

Another waterless car wash — a mobile one called EcoSmart Waterless Auto Care — began operations in the Austin area this year. It brings its services to customers, in office complexes, retail centers and parking garages.

Carwash.com also reports that there have been a “plethora of waterless car-wash and wax products to hit shelves in recent months.”

Back east, the Maryland Department of the Environment, citing 2002 figures from the International Car Wash Association, reports that conveyer-belt car washes can require up to 85 gallons of water. The department’s Web site also offers water-saving tips for do-it-yourself car washers.

For all this, though, some traditional carwash operators are not buying the idea of a waterless wash.


“In my opinion waterless car washing is primarily a gimmick to sell the chemical product used in the process,” Randy Cressall, who owns the Valencia Chevron Auto Spa in Valencia, Calif., and is a past president of theWestern Carwash Association, said in an e-mail message.

One problem, according to Mr. Cressall, is that waterless car washes can take twice as much time as regular ones. Also, he said, “I have yet to see a waterless car wash performed properly and safely when it comes to protecting the finish of the car.”

Mr. Cressall added:

There are clearly better options available when considering all the pros and cons. A good professional car wash can perform a wash using not much more water than required to flush a toilet with the proper use of reclaim and re-purification, all the while maintaining proper protection of the automobile finish and in less than half the time and labor required for a waterless car wash.

A consumer can wash a car at home on their lawn or any pervious surface using a bucket and a light finish spray to rinse the car. This method is hands down far safer for the automobile finish.

EccoSave Surprises Us All Over Again

One thing that we do several times a week is to go through the list of all of our different dealers and get an idea of what they have been up to lately. We have several dealers so this can often take quite a long time, especially if we start to get distracted by some of the really cool things that some of our dealers have been doing. One of the dealers that is pretty consistent in regards to their ability to surprise us is Eccosave out of Toronto. Often referred to by us as one of our most innovative waterless car wash dealers, we can always count on them to have something very interesting to show us.

We have to be honest, even some of the things that shouldn’t normally be all that interesting tend to be a whole lot more interesting when we hear about them from the team at Eccosave. This is because we are already predisposed to expecting great things from them.So even when they simply post a picture of a car looking all nice and shiny, we are much more likely to be attracted to it because it is coming from our friends over at Eccosave.

The good thing for us is that they are frequently posting these kinds of pictures for us to enjoy, so we don’t have to go looking too far for them. When you wash and detail as many cars as the crew at Eccosave does then there isn’t really a need to dig too deep to find the really great pics. We can kind of imagine the Eccosave team just turning on their digital camera and syncing all of the pictures that they have. It seems to be just that easy for them with all of the exposure that they have to freshly washed, shiny cars.

Another interesting thing that they have been doing lately is engine cleanings. Another one of our partners, Hi Def Detail, does a whole lot of engine cleanings as well. The difference between the two companies is that Eccosave is using a steam cleaning method that we find very interesting. We haven’t personally tried it ourselves but we can definitely see the advantages of using steam to clean the engines as it can get in the hard to reach places much more easily than a person’s hand can. We can’t wait to see more updates from them about how well the steam cleaning project is going.

If you happen to live in the Toronto area then you are definitely in luck because you are close to one of the best solutions for waterless car wash products and waterless detailing in all of Canada. If you need any help whatsoever with getting adjusted to waterless then the crew at Eccosave is your best bet to help you. Give them a call and see for yourselves, you’ve got nothing to lose!

Check Out the Latest Video from Freedom Waterless Car Wash

We realized recently that it had been kind of a long time since we had released a new video for our fans. So as you can imagine, there was only one logical thing left for us to do right? Yup, you guessed it, we went out and created a brand new video with the theme of blue. We picked blue as our theme because our flagship waterless car wash product is now coming in the color blue so we found it appropriate that we use that same color as a theme throughout the whole video.

The video starts off with a shot of a black Camaro that is being mysteriously unraveled by some sort of invisible force that reveals the true blue exterior that the car is really trying to show the world. This has another meaning behind it as this is in essence exactly what the waterless car wash does. When you apply the waterless car wash to your car, you are basically stripping off all different kinds of dirt and grime and then revealing a beautiful layer underneath which is what your car has been wanting to show the world for all this time. The car turning from black to blue like that is a great metaphor for the waterless car wash itself.

After that cool bit of imagery you get an introduction to all of the current waterless car wash products. One of the biggest things is the new blue color for the waterless car wash which is new for 2012 and something that we are really excited. For die hard waterless car wash fans – don’t worry. This is the same great waterless car wash solution that you have come to know and love over the years, the only thing different is the color. We felt it was time to come into 2012 with something brand new and exciting and blue was the winner for us.

If you have never used any of our other secondary products than this video is also a great introduction to them. So many people love the original formula but never venture beyond it to discover all the other great things that the waterless car wash has to offer. Point blank, if you aren’t washing your car with the full range of products then you aren’t getting all of the benefits that the waterless car wash is able to offer you and your car.

So watch the video and when you are done watching it hit the play button again and watch it a second time. Our fans are very important to us and so is their feedback. We would love to hear everything that any of you have to say about the video. Even if it is not about the video, we would still love to hear your questions and comments about our products, our customer service, our company or pretty much anything else. So drop us a line and tell us what you think – we can’t wait to hear from you!

Waterless Car Wash Satisfies Vehicle Owner

Today Eco Auto Clean, Atlanta’s best mobile car wash and detail, detailed four different vehicles.  The black Mercedes received the light stretchpackage and upgraded from the Go Green/Get Yellow Super Polymer Formula to the Two in the pink – 2 wax formula. The Two in the pink protects anddeflects bugs and dirt with it’s two built in waxes.Today Eco Auto Clean, Atlanta’s best mobile car wash and detail, detailed four different vehicles.  The black Mercedes received the light stretchpackage and upgraded from the Go Green/Get Yellow Super Polymer Formula to the Two in the pink – 2 wax formula. The Two in the pink protects anddeflects bugs and dirt with it’s two built in waxes.





The silver BMW 3 series received the Light Stretch package giving a quick outside clean up for that great weekend look.Packages and pricing to fit everyone’s budget. Visit www.EcoAutoCleanATL.com for more info.