The Importance Of Micro Fiber Towels

Such an important part of keeping your paint in tip top shape. They are available in pretty much every store. Unfortunately not all Micro Fiber Towels are the same. It is very important to be aware about the quality of your towels. Especially the once that you use on the paint. While I haven’t tried every towel out there, I feel comfortable in saying, that if you purchase from an online vendor, you will get quality towels. However if you go to your local store to pick some up, you have to be very careful. If you must, by all means get some towels, but be very careful wiping your paint with them. You do not want to scratch the paint.As always, the marring will be more noticeable on darker color cars, but you can mess up the paint just as easy, even if the paint is white. Imperfections, such as swirls, scratches happen only when you physically  touch the paint. That is, when you wash your car, when you dry your car and in between washes, like when you try to wipe dust off of the surface. Wiping off wax or sealants is another time where you are in contact with the paint. It is crucial that you take great care of your paint otherwise you will end up with a paint that will not look up to par. I know of many cases, where someone would spend a whole weekend detailing their car only to realize that after polishing the paint for hours, they marred it, because the towels came from the local store and ended up inducing light swirling. Don’t make the same mistake, order quality detailing towels. I don’t mean to suggest to spend a fortune on detailing towels, but there is a nice medium between $16.00 for 30 some yellow towels vs $10.00 a towel. You want to make sure that the towels are 70%/30% and not 80%/20%. The latter is fine for interior work or for your wheels, windows, door jambs etc.. But try not to use them on painted surfaces. They “can” scratch.

Once you used the towels, you need to make sure to care for them the proper way. Always wash your Micro Fiber Towels that are for paint only, separately. Never contaminate them with dirty towels that you use on your interior or on your engine, wheels etc…
Until very recently, I used regular laundry detergents without any fabric softener. They worked fine, but  looking back now, I don’t think that they did a very good job. I mean they looked clean but somehow, the towels weren’t completely free of those polishes and waxes. However, now that I use a dedicated cleaner for Micro Fiber Towels, my towels are back to “like new” every time I wash them. They are also fluffier and softer. The towels also work better.  I am so happy that I gave Towel Kleen a try.

Here is the product that will really clean your detailing towels.
Thomas Dekany

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