Car detailing

After writing about green car detailing last week, I contacted Eco Touch about their Waterless Car Wash.  I was looking to find green, eco friendly ways to keep the cars clean that would perform as well as my traditional products.
Initially, their products looked good.  Eco Touch is very open about their products and what they contain which makes it easier to ensure that they are not a company guilty of “greenwashing.”  Their Waterless Car Wash is a plant-derived formula that is biodegradable and comes in a 100% recyclable bottle.  I was really impressed to see that they listed the ingredients in their formula AND for their plastic bottle.  It’s nice to see a company that’s honest about their product and not just trying to capitalize off of people’s conscience.  This was precisely why I contacted them to try out their product.  I’ve seen too many companies claim to be green without providing actual proof.  Luckily, Eco Touch was kind enough to provide me with the Waterless Car Wash and some microfiber towels.  I was really hoping for some interior cleaner too, but hey, bloggers can’t be choosers right?
The contents of our lovely package
On to the dirty details (pun intended).  I hadn’t washed the BMW for about three weeks.  I’m such a slacker.  After our trip through the West Virginia mountains, she was due for a good wash:
Now I followed their directions to the letter…

1. Shake bottle well.

2. Spray on a microfiber towel and cool car surface.

3. Gently wipe and lift to pick up grime.

4. Quickly use a second dry towel and buff to shine.

Common sense caution. For excessively soiled surfaces (mud or sand) pre-rinse first with water.

Well all but the cool car surface bit.  Since I was unable to get the car’s surface temperature down I did smaller sections of the car at a time to limit the amount of cleaner that was lost due to evaporation.  Eco Touch does recommend using a wet sponge to cool down the surface but this wasn’t an option for me.  Doing smaller sections at a time seemed to work quite well.  Most of the spots of dirt, grime and road dust seemed to wash right off.  There were some nasty bug and tar bits along the front grill and by the wheel wells that required a couple of passes and some elbow grease to remove.  It was a little more work then I really wanted to do but, then again, in this heat, that’s not much of a surprise.  Ah, the price I pay for vanity and preserving the car I love.  As I watched the dirt and grime jump off of the car and onto the micro-fiber cloth, I figured I would try the car wash on my rims too.  Now the BMW’s rims are notoriously easy to clean.  They take a little soap and water and they shine as if it just rolled off of the lot.  And the car wash did not disappoint.  The rims were shiny again.  Now I suspect that it won’t work so well for the white rims of the MINI so, I might have to try out Eco Touch’s Cleaner/Degreaser made just for stubborn rims some day.  All told, it took me about 25 minutes to do the entire exterior of the car and about 1/3 of the 24 oz bottle they sent me.  They also sell it by the gallon for $45 which comes out to a savings of a little over $4 per bottle as opposed to buying it 24 oz at a time.   But, enough talking, I’ll let the pictures speak for themselves:
My overall impression?  I am a big fan of this waterless wash.  While I’d still recommend doing a hand wash once every 6 months, there’s no reason not to use this product as your normal cleaner of choice.  It gets the job done in little to no time and it does it well.  My car was left gleaming, free of any grime and ready to be driven.  Plus, I can foresee this as an invaluable cleaner come winter time since, no one wants to hand wash a car in 20 degree weather.  I have to say, I was pretty skeptical but, I will definitely be investing in the 1 gallon bottle of the cleaner.
I would definitely recommend that you check this product out.  Start with the 24 oz bottle and if you love it as much as I do, buy the 1 gallon bottle and refill your bottle.  This is the green detailing solution I was searching for.  I have to check out the rest of their line, but if they’re as good as the waterless wash, they’ll have a customer for life.