Motorcycle Wash DuduiT Wipes

Vulcanet WipesMrs G has a habit of cleaning the ENTIRE house using wet wipes. And I mean that literally. She has a collection of different wipes which she uses to clean floors, counter tops, basins and even the keyboard I’m typing on right now. Up until now I’ve always felt that some gentle ridicule was warranted but I may have to change my tune now that I’ve discovered Duduit wipes – essentially wet wipes for your car or bike (or anything else if Mrs G were to get her hands on them).

When it comes to cleaning, be it a car or a motorcycle, I believe we fall into three categories. Those who, after the initial excitement has worn off, don’t bother. Those who spend more time cleaning than actually riding, and those that sit somewhere in-between. I’m definitely in the in-between camp. I didn’t buy a bike to spend hours poking it with a specially marked toothbrush. I bought it to ride, and since it’s a GS Adventure and I ride in any weather, I don’t expect it to be spotless. So if I can get away with giving the bike a good wipedown once in a while to get rid of the inevitable crud and keep the chrome bits shiny and corrosion free, then I’m a happy man and DuduiT wipes are just the ticket.

So what exactly are DuduiT wipes?

The wipes themselves are made from a honeycomb weave material designed to capture dirt without scratching or streaking. Each wipe is impregnated with 15 non-abrasive eco-friendly cleaning agents which do everything from remove tar and insects to clean metal, glass, plastics and even leather – all without needing a drop of water. The patented formula also includes a water repellent and polish which means that a quick buff with the supplied microfibre cloth brings out a lustrous shine and leaves a dirt-resistant film.

Do DuduiT wipes work?

In a word, yes, as the photos below show. Each wipe is surprisingly wet which makes wiping very easy and you’ll be amazed at how easily stubborn dirt comes off, particularly the stuff that bakes itself to your shiny chrome pipes. The built in de-greasing agent clearly works.

DuduiT comes in a manly-sized tub which contains 80 wipes together with a microfibre cloth and retails in the UK for £30.99. Unless your bike is really dirty, expect to use about 5 wipes per clean which means a tub will give you 16 washes at £2.50 a pop. You can read more about DuduiT wipes on the  DuduiT  website where you’ll also find details of UK retailers.

EccoSave Surprises Us All Over Again

One thing that we do several times a week is to go through the list of all of our different dealers and get an idea of what they have been up to lately. We have several dealers so this can often take quite a long time, especially if we start to get distracted by some of the really cool things that some of our dealers have been doing. One of the dealers that is pretty consistent in regards to their ability to surprise us is Eccosave out of Toronto. Often referred to by us as one of our most innovative waterless car wash dealers, we can always count on them to have something very interesting to show us.

We have to be honest, even some of the things that shouldn’t normally be all that interesting tend to be a whole lot more interesting when we hear about them from the team at Eccosave. This is because we are already predisposed to expecting great things from them.So even when they simply post a picture of a car looking all nice and shiny, we are much more likely to be attracted to it because it is coming from our friends over at Eccosave.

The good thing for us is that they are frequently posting these kinds of pictures for us to enjoy, so we don’t have to go looking too far for them. When you wash and detail as many cars as the crew at Eccosave does then there isn’t really a need to dig too deep to find the really great pics. We can kind of imagine the Eccosave team just turning on their digital camera and syncing all of the pictures that they have. It seems to be just that easy for them with all of the exposure that they have to freshly washed, shiny cars.

Another interesting thing that they have been doing lately is engine cleanings. Another one of our partners, Hi Def Detail, does a whole lot of engine cleanings as well. The difference between the two companies is that Eccosave is using a steam cleaning method that we find very interesting. We haven’t personally tried it ourselves but we can definitely see the advantages of using steam to clean the engines as it can get in the hard to reach places much more easily than a person’s hand can. We can’t wait to see more updates from them about how well the steam cleaning project is going.

If you happen to live in the Toronto area then you are definitely in luck because you are close to one of the best solutions for waterless car wash products and waterless detailing in all of Canada. If you need any help whatsoever with getting adjusted to waterless then the crew at Eccosave is your best bet to help you. Give them a call and see for yourselves, you’ve got nothing to lose!

Check Out the Latest Video from Freedom Waterless Car Wash

We realized recently that it had been kind of a long time since we had released a new video for our fans. So as you can imagine, there was only one logical thing left for us to do right? Yup, you guessed it, we went out and created a brand new video with the theme of blue. We picked blue as our theme because our flagship waterless car wash product is now coming in the color blue so we found it appropriate that we use that same color as a theme throughout the whole video.

The video starts off with a shot of a black Camaro that is being mysteriously unraveled by some sort of invisible force that reveals the true blue exterior that the car is really trying to show the world. This has another meaning behind it as this is in essence exactly what the waterless car wash does. When you apply the waterless car wash to your car, you are basically stripping off all different kinds of dirt and grime and then revealing a beautiful layer underneath which is what your car has been wanting to show the world for all this time. The car turning from black to blue like that is a great metaphor for the waterless car wash itself.

After that cool bit of imagery you get an introduction to all of the current waterless car wash products. One of the biggest things is the new blue color for the waterless car wash which is new for 2012 and something that we are really excited. For die hard waterless car wash fans – don’t worry. This is the same great waterless car wash solution that you have come to know and love over the years, the only thing different is the color. We felt it was time to come into 2012 with something brand new and exciting and blue was the winner for us.

If you have never used any of our other secondary products than this video is also a great introduction to them. So many people love the original formula but never venture beyond it to discover all the other great things that the waterless car wash has to offer. Point blank, if you aren’t washing your car with the full range of products then you aren’t getting all of the benefits that the waterless car wash is able to offer you and your car.

So watch the video and when you are done watching it hit the play button again and watch it a second time. Our fans are very important to us and so is their feedback. We would love to hear everything that any of you have to say about the video. Even if it is not about the video, we would still love to hear your questions and comments about our products, our customer service, our company or pretty much anything else. So drop us a line and tell us what you think – we can’t wait to hear from you!