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DuduiT is a brand that probably you and even us here at hadn’t heard of, until a press release about the product arrived in our email earlier this year.
To our surprise DuduiT is already a well established brand throughout Europe width Amazon, Russia, the United Arab Emirates and America but not currently in the UK, but we think once people get to hear about and use this product it will be popular here to.
DuduiT was developed in 2006 and this patented product quickly won a French innovation award when it first arrived on the market.So what is DuduiT? Well as our review title suggests these are “wet wipes” for your bike.
They are designed to be a multi purpose cleaning wipe that can deal with most of the muck that normally finds its way on to your motorcycle or scooter, including the dreaded baked on road tar or the splatted insect life that sticks like super-glue to your bike; as well as the general muck and grime that your bike attracts.

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Motorcycle Waterless Cleaning Wipes (80 Wipes)

Were we sceptical or what? Waterless bike cleaning? You must be joking! Having now tried DuduiT wipes we can honestly say that they do what they say on the tin! DuduiT  is the result of two years of laboratory research and testing and comes supplied in a tub of 80 wipes soaked in 1 litre of solution and comes with a professional grade microfibre cleaning cloth.It’s simple, DuduiT  is a fast , easy to use cleaning product suitable for all motorcycles, cars, vans, boats etc  No hard rubbing necessary, just make a few circular moves with a DuduiT wipe, then polish the surface using the Microfibre cloth provided in the kit. DuduiT degreases glass surfaces and leaves a waterproof layer helping water dispersal.Really effective at removing insect guts and residue.DuduiT removes tar without the need for aggressive harmful chemicals. Revives dull plastic and paint finish.One tub contains 80 wipes and a micro-fibre cloth – cleaning a typical large motorcycle uses 2-3 wipes and a car approx 8-10 wipes.
Professional grade microfibre cloth included with every tub. All the main active components in DuduiT are not harmful to any surfaces. Contrary to most cleaners available today, DuduiT contains soft polishing elements in order to eliminate micro scratches. The honeycomb structure of the wipe enables it to capture sand and silica particles. DuduiT  is unique in that it cleans without water. Using DuduiT is also a great way of keeping your motorcycle in great condition in the colder months.

Waterless Car Washing

One of the most recent product innovations to emerge out of the car cleaning & detailing industry is the waterless car wash. The idea behind these products is that they can replace traditional car shampoo products and make the car washing process as a whole much quicker, easier and less labor intensive, whilst still giving as good a finish as a traditional shampoo product. Waterless car wash products work by using advanced surfactants, emulsifiers and lubricants to effectively encapsulate the dirt particles and hold then away from the surface ready to then be removed with either a wash implement or microfiber towel.There are generally two different types of waterless wash products; those that are sprayed directly onto the vehicle from a bottle then removed and buffed over with a micro fiber towel, and those that are added to a bucket of water and then applied to the vehicle with a sponge or mitt, much like the traditional car washing process, before being removed and buffed over with a microfiber towel.

Obviously, both of these types of products do actually contain or require water and so really these products are not actually ‘waterless’ in themselves. The term waterless fundamentally refers to the fact that no rinsing is required when using them – both before and after the washing.

There is some controversy surrounding waterless car wash products as many people believe that no matter how advanced the ingredients are, the fact that you are still in essence rubbing the dirt into the surface of the paintwork will undoubtedly result in swirl marks and scratches being inflicted. Others however, regularly use these products on their cars and report no damage whatsoever being inflicted even after prolonged use and after a thorough inspection in direct sunlight or under an suitable lamp.

Waterless Car Wash
Realistically, waterless wash products can offer advantages when used properly but there is also potential draw backs too. For example, if you take your vehicle to car shows and events then they can provide an ideal way to give your car a final clean before it is exhibited. If you live in an apartment or flat where access to outside water is not possible or if you live in an area that has restrictions on water usage then waterless car wash products can again offer an ideal solution to these problems. Finally, if you simply want to reduce the amount of time it takes to wash your car and remove the level of involvement of both products and equipment then they can be a very attractive option.

The main disadvantage these products face is that if you have a very heavy soiled vehicle with caked on mud and thick layers of dried on road grime for example then they simply will not be capable of removing the dirt in a safe and effective manner. A pressurized jet of water, whether from a hosepipe or pressure washer is simply a necessity for vehicles in this condition and there is no getting around this.

For larger and oversized vehicles like some SUV’s, trucks and RV’s it is simply not practical nor does it make economic sense to clean them with a waterless wash product as they will require a great deal of product to sufficiently cover the entire vehicle, as opposed to a small measure of a traditional dilutable shampoo product and again pressurized water, which would be preferable to clean such vehicles with.

Generally, waterless car wash products are safe to use and can be very effective when used on vehicles that initially have had a thorough clean and detail, and that are not too dirty, for maintaining them on a regular basis. If paintwork has been thoroughly decontaminated, polished and protected, wheels have also been thoroughly decontaminated and sealed and plastics and trim cleaned and dressed, then a waterless wash product can be used to maintain the exterior on a weekly basis as long as it has not accumulated any heavy levels of dirt, in order to restore your vehicles exterior and bring it back to a freshly detailed looking standard.

Waterless Car Cleaning

If you leave your car uncleaned for any longer than a week and want to use a waterless car wash to clean it then you run the risk of both inflicting surface damage – contrary to what the manufacturers of these products state, and even if no damage was inflicted, the finish and standard of clean would be compromised as it may well struggle to lift off the built up dirt properly and may leave smears and areas of stubborn dirt behind – especially if the vehicles surfaces are unprotected.

The best thing to do when considering using a waterless car wash product is to simply use your common sense. If your car is excessively soiled with high amounts of ingrained dirt and contaminants then it will most likely require plenty of water to safely and effectively remove it. However, if your car is well looked after and only ever sees light levels of dirt and contaminants then these products can be used without any trouble.

Overall, waterless car washing products, when used correctly and in the right circumstances, can offer a viable and attractive alternative to washing your car with a traditional car shampoo product. They can save you time, save you money on other products and equipment that is not required, and can give you just as good results as a traditional shampoo product or any other car washing product can.

Pros and Cons of the Waterless Car Wash

WaterlessWaterSmartWaterSmart, a company in Austin, Tex., markets coconut-based soap for washing cars.

As large parts of the American West continue to experience drought, waterless car washes have been catching on. A new company in Austin, Tex., called WaterSmart, for example, washes cars with a coconut-based soap, according to an article in The Austin American Statesman.

The soap, made in various formulas under a brand called Freedom, for whichWaterSmart is the local distributor, is biodegradable, the proprietors say.

“The biggest thing we’re up against is the human brain, which says, ‘That doesn’t make sense,’” said Sarah Morgan, who runs WaterSmart along with her husband, according to the newspaper.

Another waterless car wash — a mobile one called EcoSmart Waterless Auto Care — began operations in the Austin area this year. It brings its services to customers, in office complexes, retail centers and parking garages. also reports that there have been a “plethora of waterless car-wash and wax products to hit shelves in recent months.”

Back east, the Maryland Department of the Environment, citing 2002 figures from the International Car Wash Association, reports that conveyer-belt car washes can require up to 85 gallons of water. The department’s Web site also offers water-saving tips for do-it-yourself car washers.

For all this, though, some traditional carwash operators are not buying the idea of a waterless wash.


“In my opinion waterless car washing is primarily a gimmick to sell the chemical product used in the process,” Randy Cressall, who owns the Valencia Chevron Auto Spa in Valencia, Calif., and is a past president of theWestern Carwash Association, said in an e-mail message.

One problem, according to Mr. Cressall, is that waterless car washes can take twice as much time as regular ones. Also, he said, “I have yet to see a waterless car wash performed properly and safely when it comes to protecting the finish of the car.”

Mr. Cressall added:

There are clearly better options available when considering all the pros and cons. A good professional car wash can perform a wash using not much more water than required to flush a toilet with the proper use of reclaim and re-purification, all the while maintaining proper protection of the automobile finish and in less than half the time and labor required for a waterless car wash.

A consumer can wash a car at home on their lawn or any pervious surface using a bucket and a light finish spray to rinse the car. This method is hands down far safer for the automobile finish.

Waterless Car Wash Satisfies Vehicle Owner

Today Eco Auto Clean, Atlanta’s best mobile car wash and detail, detailed four different vehicles.  The black Mercedes received the light stretchpackage and upgraded from the Go Green/Get Yellow Super Polymer Formula to the Two in the pink – 2 wax formula. The Two in the pink protects anddeflects bugs and dirt with it’s two built in waxes.Today Eco Auto Clean, Atlanta’s best mobile car wash and detail, detailed four different vehicles.  The black Mercedes received the light stretchpackage and upgraded from the Go Green/Get Yellow Super Polymer Formula to the Two in the pink – 2 wax formula. The Two in the pink protects anddeflects bugs and dirt with it’s two built in waxes.





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