Wasserlose Auto & Moto Wash DuduiT

Wasserlose Auto & Moto Wash DuduiT

No water cleaning

 It is a portable cleaner to wash your vehicle. You can carry around and wash everywhere, at any time.

Did you know?

DUDUiT is a complete kit with 80 wipes, a microfiber towel and a mesh bag.

Multiphase formula

DUDUiT got the capacity to clean, shine, renew and protect. More than 8 features.


It´s green, ecological, no water need and friend of the environment.




For a beautiful, shining vehicle, you must try DUDU iT.

Tests were performed on really dirty black cars and the results were striking: 6 DUDU iT wipes are enough to clean completely...

Each DUDU iT pack contains 80 wipes which means that you can clean throughly 14 cars with one pack only. It's much cheaper than other car washing.

The cleaning wipes clean your car and bike without water or car shampoo (the wipes have cleaning agents). You only need a few wipes to wash completely your car.

DUDUiT wipes can be used in all the surfaces like the bodywork, the windscreens, the plastics, the wheels…Think in the water, the time and the money you´ll be saving.

DUDUiT formula is composed by 8 components: anti insect, anti tar, wheels cleaner, windscreen cleaner, detergent, brightener, plastic brightener and one anti dirty agent.

This means that you´ll save money in all these products, and, above all, time whenever you wash your car or bike!

DUDUiT can also be used in household cleaning, removing the grease and difficult dirt in the kitchen and in the garage.

Decide on your savings and buy DUDU iT. Each pack includes: 80 wipes, 1 microfiber towel and one mesh bag.


How to use

Apply in the cleaning area with the wipe( this is in 1st place) than apply again with the microfiber towel for giving shine.






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